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MIAC(PIC) Controlled by labVIEW

Updated: Jan 31, 2022



MIAC is a Automation Controller from MATRX TSL with Analog inputs ,Digital Input and outputs ,Relay 8 Ampere capable outputs and Transistor controller output stages with LCD and CAN connection it also supports EEPROM storage and PWM channels.The MIAC is fitted with a USB interface which allows for connecting it to a PC or some computer system.

The MIAC is an ideal Automation Controller for small to medium sized automation projects.

There are various versions of the MIAC we are taking a look at the MIAC for PIC in this small blog article as the MIAC .

Please see the MIAC Product Datasheet at the Matrix web-page for more technical detail and specifications of the MIAC(PIC).



The MIAC is fully supported with in Flowcode and therefor users can create their own specific Firmware for the MIAC unit.

From Matrix is a USB Slave firmware available that can be programmed into the MIAC using Flowcode or M-Loader.The Slave firmware uses a USB communications protocol the consist of

  • Command Byte

  • Function Byte

  • Value of the type of action to perform

Matrix supply a .dll file that we use in labVIEW to establish communication to the MIAC from labVIEW programs .

Download M-Loader:

Download ZIP • 3.93MB

How does it work

We write the application program using labVIEW to communicate with the MIAC and control our automation task.when we execute the LabVIEW program we communicate with the MIAC and exchange information parameters and commands

The great news is that labVIEW now support a Free fully functional community version for the use of Hobbyists and non commercial use,but that does not limit the commercial user as the MIAC support code will function in labVIEW 2020 commercial versions.

Our files where tested in LV2013, 2014 and LV2020 community version.

The MIAC package in our shop contains the following

  • MAIC USB slave firmware Flowcode project

  • LabVIEW Template Project

  • labVIEW example project with 5 sub VI's

  • Excel sheet with MIAC Commands and values

The LV Template project is a basic project that allows for connection the LV project to MIAC over USB then it runs in the main loop until the close button is pressed then the USB application is closed and the LV project execution is stopped.

The labVIEW Example is a fully functional project the runs and does the following

  • Open and closes the USB communication

  • Read 4 analog channels and display the values on the front panel AN1 shows in a tank object and AN2 and AN3 are plotted in a Graph Plot and AN4 is open for the user to use ,the channels are selected by various Buttons.

  • The 4 relay outputs can be switch on or off independently by buttons and the same is for the Transistor outputs and valid.

  • As the example has VI's for Digital IO control the user can use these VI's to experiment on his own.

Example Front Panel


MAIC and labVIEW is a powerful combination for many Automation projects and well supported by Flowcode.

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