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Flowcode Components Compatibility with MikroBus

The Mikrobus Standard is a proprietary bus system from MikroElektronika in Serbia.

The Mikrobus was initial designed by MikroElektronika to support their Click board range and make it easy to connect the ME click boards to all most any micro-controller system.

Since the release of the first click boards up to now there are 900+ different click boards available with Mikrobus Interface.

This opens also a huge opportunity and wide range of Sensors and other IC's to be used with Flowcode, Flowcode Components support SPI,I2C and UART interfaces and easily connectable to any Click boards. Currently we have already a few Components that supports ME Click Boards in Flowcode.

We will continue to implement these click boards as we get request from our users ,Please send us a contact message with your specific click board request and we will do our best to make a component or the Click board in discussion.

Mikrobus from MikroElektronika

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