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AMG8833 IR Sensor

The amg8833 provides a 8x8 infrared temperature sensor. In fact Flowcode supports this using the amg88xx component - but I only found this after writing the basics of a component.

I wanted to allow an 'onscreen' display of the temperature map. So I used the glcd_base component as my 'model' for the sensor on the PC.

This allows simple display of blocks of colour corresponding to the temperature 'grid' detected by the amg8833 sensor.

This also works on the 'metal' using a st7789 display (component coming soon) or using an Arduino connected in SCADA mode using the SCADA (Arduino Uno) component with the SCADA firmware installed on the Arduino.

To test on 'hardware' I used an Arduino Nano - Note that the code here only works on MCUs with i2c / spi that works in byte mode (ESP32 and ARM only work in transaction mode)

Need to add the i2c injector, SCADA (Arduino Uno) and amg8833 components to the project

Set the SCADA slave property in in the injector component to the SCADA component.

Also set the i2c injector and SCADA properties in the amg8833 component:

The Arduino needs to have the SCADA firmware installed.

Then a simple loop in 'main' will control the amg8833 connected to the Arduino. Click on 'debug' and go...

And a live 'heat map' will be displayed on the 2d panel.

Running on an Arduino Nano with st7789 display:

Rather a poor choice of colours - but I'm the 'warm' red splodge...

Note that the display runs at 3.3v - so requires a logic level converter.

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